Type A-C Adjustable Strong Air Knife
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Type A-C Adjustable Strong Air Knife

A-C adjustable strong air knife. Blade thickening, blade adjustable. The customer can adjust the blade size according to requirements. It is mainly used in various airflow drying systems and air knife drying systems.

Model:Type A-C Adjustable Strong Air Knife

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Product Description

It is widely used in ultrasonic cleaning, glass washing machine, circuit board, electroplating, coating, painting, non-ferrous metal plate, wire and sheet production and other industries in various processes of water drying. It can also be used for barrier-free isolation of hazardous gases, dust, hot and cold air. Blowing paper in printing and dry after printing, rapid heating of food, medicine, thaw and high temperature sterilization.



Body Material


Air Inlet Position


Air Inlet Pipe

Size of Air Knife Blade Mouth

A-C Adjustable

air knife



Both ends,

side, bottom




(as demanded)

First, Be careful not to collide with the blade, the medium used should avoid containing too thick impurity particles to avoid blocking or damage to the blade.
Second, Products have been customized to calibrate the width of the air vent, if necessary, please contact us.

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