Application of air knife in ultrasonic automatic cleaning and vacuum drying system


In ultrasonic automatic cleaning and vacuum drying systems, air knives can play an important role:

Ultrasonic automatic cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning is a method that uses the principle of ultrasonic vibration to generate and burst tiny bubbles in the liquid to clean the surface. This cleaning method effectively removes microscopic dirt, grease, and particles. However, there may still be residual liquid on the surface after cleaning. At this time, an air knife can be used to quickly dry the remaining liquid to ensure that the surface is completely dry.

Vacuum drying system: In some applications, objects may need to be dried in a vacuum environment, such as in semiconductor manufacturing, optical device manufacturing, etc. In a vacuum environment, the traditional liquid evaporation rate will be reduced, and the high-speed airflow of the air knife can dry the surface liquid faster. The air knife can be placed near the surface of the object to help quickly remove liquid on the surface by spraying high-speed airflow, thus accelerating the drying process.

It is important to note that selecting the correct air knife design and operating parameters is critical to achieving effective cleaning and drying. Factors such as airflow speed, angle, temperature, and distance of the air knife from the surface need to be carefully considered to ensure optimal cleaning and drying results while avoiding possible surface damage or other problems.

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