Application of air knife in lithium battery separator drying system


In lithium battery separator drying systems, air knives can have the following applications:

Separator drying: During the lithium battery production process, the positive and negative electrodes need to be separated to avoid short circuits. At this time, the lithium battery separator needs to be placed in a dry environment to ensure that the surface of the separator is dry to prevent humidity from affecting its performance. The air knife can quickly dry the moisture on the surface of the diaphragm through high-speed jet of compressed air to improve production efficiency.

Clean the separator surface: During the lithium battery manufacturing process, the separator surface may be contaminated by dust, impurities, etc., which may affect battery performance. The air knife can blow away the dirt on the surface through strong airflow to ensure that the diaphragm is clean and dust-free.

Separation process: In lithium battery production, it is sometimes necessary to separate different components or materials for subsequent processing or assembly. Air knives separate materials through airflow and avoid mechanical contact, thereby reducing the risk of damage.

Accelerated drying process: In addition to separators, lithium battery production also involves the processing and preparation of other materials. Some processes require the liquid on the surface of the material to be quickly dried to improve production efficiency. The air knife can provide high-speed airflow to help speed up the drying process on the material surface.

It should be noted that the application of air knife in lithium battery production needs to consider factors such as appropriate air flow intensity and temperature to avoid damage to materials. When using air knives, its impact on the production process and product quality must be carefully evaluated to ensure that its application can achieve the desired results.

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